Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Welcome to Staying Healthy as a Care Partner Part One

    • Thank you to Right at Home and Acorda Therapeutics

    • Care Partner Journal

    • Meet Our Expert

    • Questions to Answer in Staying Healthy as a Care Partner Part One

  2. 02
    • How important is it for care partners to stay healthy?

    • The Importance of Staying Healthy

    • Take Home Tip

    • Filling Your Tank

    • Pause and Reflect

  3. 03
    • How can care partners discuss the need for their health to be a priority with their loved ones with Parkinson’s disease?

    • Discussing Care Partner Needs

    • Take Home Tip

    • Pause and Reflect

  4. 04
    • As their loved one’s Parkinson’s disease progresses and more medical and rehab appointments are required, what can care partners do to make their own medical appointments a priority?

    • Making the Care Partner a Priority

    • Pause and Reflect

  5. 05
    • What role can support groups play in helping care partners share their feelings?

    • Support Groups

    • Care to Talk. Support Groups

    • Pause and Reflect

  6. 06
    • How can care partners find a support group with people caring for loved ones in a similar stage of the disease as their loved one?

    • Finding the Best Support Groups

    • Take Home Tip

    • Find Out More About Support Groups

    • Pause and Reflect

  7. 07
    • How can care partners take time for themselves without feeling guilty?

    • Managing Guilt

    • Pause and Reflect

  8. 08
    • How much dedicated self-care time is typically realistic in various stages of the disease progression?

    • Self-Care Timing

    • Take Home Tip

    • Pause and Reflect

  9. 09
    • What can care partners do throughout the day to ensure that they meet their loved one’s ongoing needs, whether they are activities of daily living or simply helping with executive dysfunction, without constantly derailing their day?

    • Staying on Track

    • Care to Talk. Staying on Track

    • Pause and Reflect

  10. 10
    • Staying Healthy as a Care Partner Part Two

    • Questions to Answer in Staying Healthy as a Care Partner Part Two

  11. 11
    • How can care partners regularly assess their mental health to ensure they are getting the support that they need?

    • Self Assessment of Care Partner Needs

    • Mindful Resilience for Care Partners of Parkinson's Disease

    • Pause and Reflect

  12. 12
    • What community and online resources exist that care partners can utilize to support their own health and wellness?

    • Community and Online Resources for Care Partners

    • Family Caregiving Resources

    • Pause and Reflect

  13. 13
    • How can the area agencies on aging can potentially provide no cost or low-cost in-home care? If you meet financial eligibility?

    • Finding Affordable In Home Care

    • Find your local Aging and Disability Resources

    • Pause and Reflect

  14. 14
    • Final Words of Wisdom

    • Final Words of Wisdom

    • PD Conversations

    • Course Evaluation: Staying Healthy as a Care Partner