Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Welcome to Cognitive Changes on a Continuum Part One

    • Care Partner Journal

    • Meet Our Expert

    • Questions to Answer in Cognitive Changes on a Continuum Part One

    • Meet Our Care Partners

  2. 02
    • How can we distinguish PD related cognitive decline from normal aging?

    • PD vs. Normal Aging

    • Take Home Tip

    • Pause and Reflect

  3. 03
    • How can medications impact cognitive decline?

    • Medications and Cognitive Decline

    • Care to Talk. Medications and Cognitive Decline

    • Medication Form and Aware in Care

    • Pause and Reflect

  4. 04
    • What should the care partner watch out for when person living with Parkinson’s disease has started a new medication that may indicate they are having a cognitive reaction to the drug?

    • Starting a New Medication

    • Take Home Tip

    • Pause and Reflect

  5. 05
    • Will people with Parkinson's disease ever have a new cognitive reaction to a medication they have been taking, or just with a new medication?

    • Cognitive Reactions to Medication

    • Pause and Reflect

    • Parkinson's Medications that May Cause Side Effects

    • Cognition Book

  6. 06
    • What testing can be done to establish a baseline" measure of cognitive functioning to measure decline against?

    • Establishing a Cognitive Baseline

    • Has your loved one with Parkinson’s been screened for cognitive changes in the last year?

    • Pause and Reflect

  7. 07
    • With what degree of frequency should cognitive functioning measures be completed? Does the frequency of testing change based on stage of progression or is it symptom based?

    • Ongoing Cognitive Testing

    • Types of Cognitive Testing

    • Pause and Reflect

  8. 08
    • How can care partners assess the progression of cognitive decline in between formal assessments?

    • Assessing Decline at Home

    • Take Home Tip

    • PD Medications and Symptoms Worksheet

    • Pause and Reflect

  9. 09
    • What can care partners do to adapt to meet their loved one’s new needs around time management and planning?

    • Adapting to Cognitive Change

    • Take Home Tip

    • Care to Talk. Adapting to Cognitive Change

    • Pause and Reflect

  10. 10
    • Cognitive Change on a Continuum Part Two

    • Questions to Answer Cognitive Change on a Continuum Part Two

  11. 11
    • What can care partners watch for that indicates a change in cognitive functioning from mild to moderate and from moderate to severe?

    • Significant Changes in Cognition

    • Stages of Cognitive Change

    • Pause and Reflect

  12. 12
    • Who should be included at what point in the progression?

    • Specialists to Consult

    • Have you and your loved one consulted with any of these specialists about cognitive changes?

    • Pause and Reflect

  13. 13
    • Can a person with Parkinson’s disease improve their cognition at any stage in the progression of cognitive decline? If so, how?

    • Improving Cognition

    • Take Home Tip

    • Pause and Reflect

  14. 14
    • When is it time to get help who do you call?

    • Who can Help

    • Pause and Reflect

  15. 15
    • Final Words of Wisdom

    • Final Words of Wisdom

    • PD Conversations

    • Course Evaluation: Cognitive Changes on a Continuum